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    Should You adopt a puppy from the dog pound


    Dog pounds are also known as shelters. They are normally involved with purebred rescue programs. So if you decide to adopt a dog from the pound you could get yourself a purebred with a chic snazzy look. In addition you will have the satisfaction of providing a home to a homeless dog. 

    If you are looking for a dog to adopt, you could consider the dog pound as a source of supply. Getting a dog from a shelter is quite a good idea. Do not get mislead into thinking that a dog is there because it is ill or it has a nasty temperament. A dog might be there owing to tragic circumstances such as the death or illness of an owner. A lost dog or one that has been abandoned could also be found in a dog pound.  

    If you are planning to get a dog from the pound you could consider adopting an adult dog. You could find friendly, well-trained adult dogs at the shelter. They could have landed up there through no fault of theirs. In some cases you will find that adult dogs at the pound have their background histories available at the pound itself.  In certain cases the former owner's contact telephone number may be available too. In this way you will be able to get a character reference too. Adopting an adult dog will save you the trouble of housetraining. And this can be a real relief for you. 


    How prepared are you for a dog from the pound?

    Now you must be very clear about the fact that a dog is there for a reason. His previous owner could not cope with him. (Ignoring reasons such as death or illness of the owner.) He may be aggressive or destructive. He may not even be toilet trained. So what are the reasons that you think you can cope with him when his previous owners could not?  

    But if you have set your heart on adopting a dog from the pound you must be prepared to spend as long as that particular dog requires to settle into his new home. Please do not accept a miraculous change in behavior just because you are the new owner. Be committed to doing remedial work. If you are fortunate your dog will recover quickly from the trauma of his past experience. But others may not recover very fast.  


    Adopt for the right reasons

    You will be surprised to know some of the reasons for which people adopt dogs from the pound. Let us just go through some of these reasons.

    • I felt sorry for the mutt.

    • He looked so cute.

    • We were just visiting the pound and could not leave without a dog.

    None of the reasons cited above are the correct reason for taking home a dog from the pound. It is unfair to the dog. You are not doing yourself justice either. The crux of the matter is that no matter how much a dog may tug at your heartstrings, you have to be very sure that you and your family will be able to cope with him.  

    If you are certain about taking a dog from the pound, it is a good decision. There are advantages in doing so. However leave your children home when you go to pick your dog. Their pleading might result in your picking a dog that is not suitable to your family.  

    Once you have identified a dog of your choice, ask the staff in the pound about him. You must feel satisfied that he is indeed the right dog for you. Only then should you bring your children to meet him. Observe how they react and take to each other.  


    Advantages of adopting a dog from a dog pound 

    • A dog that is adopted from a dog pound will normally be well socialized. This is because he is used to being around other canines.

    • Little puppies require a lot of care and attention. But if you get a pup from a dog pound he will not be so small and require that kind of attention too.

    • Normally a dog from the pound will be past the really small puppy stage. So you might be fortunate enough to get a housebroken puppy. You will not have to spend your time in getting him trained in this regard.

    • Another advantage of a dog from a dog pound is that it will be trained to respond to a few basic commands.

    • If you get a pup that has been either spayed or neutered, it will save you the expense of putting your dog through that procedure. You will also be spared the post-op trauma too.

    • Most dogs that come from dog pounds are already trained in many aspects. Older puppies have a much longer attention span too. Hence they are easier to teach.

    • As a puppy grows it acquires its own individualistic personality traits. Hence you will be able to pick a dog that suits your personality. Since dog pounds are keen on their wards being adopted, they train them adequately to make sure that each dog well behaved indoors. Though dogs of all ages need attention and love, as your puppy grows his needs will be far less demanding than a younger puppy.

    • A slightly older puppy form a dog pound will come with certain ingrained traits. So you will just have to accept him as he is. He might be from a pet shop! In pet shops dogs are generally not screened for medical defects or unsavory disposition.

    • The puppy will come to you free of charge. Or else it will have a very small price attached to it.

    • You will be saving a dog's life. You will be giving him a warm and comfortable home.

    The chief downside of a dog from a pound will be that he could come with some kind of personality or health problem. This will really depend on how it was treated before you got him from the pound. This could turn out to be a problem to deal with!


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